Ficel Transport is the premier carrier of specialized steel products in the Great Lakes Region.  In business since 1981, Ficel OTR drivers earn $70,000 to $95,000 per year.  Our package includes:

  • $1350 per week minimum guaranteed rate for first 13 weeks of employment
  • Annual Longevity and Safety Bonuses
  • Monthly Fuel and Performance Bonuses
  • Strong 401k w/Generous Match (work for Ficel for 10 years and accumulate a 401k worth over $100,000)
  • Excellent health, dental and vision insurance

Ficel maintains 4 terminals throughout the Great Lakes region. Our drivers are based in Western NY State, Detroit, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan. Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana, Northwest Pennsylvania and Southern Ontario,

Ficel trucks run throughout Western NY State, Southern Ontario, the Detroit metro area, Central and Western Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northwest Indiana and the Chicago metro area. We also operate local fleets in Buffalo, Detroit and Gary, and we handle a number of specialty routes when applicable.

Call 800-873-8866 ext 329 for more information.