Ficel drivers receive the following bonuses:

Annual Longevity Bonus

$500 after 1 full year

$1000 after 2 full years

$100 per year added to the $1000 base each year after 2 years ($1100 after 3 years, $1200 after 4 years, $1300 after 5 years, etc.)

Annual Safety Bonus

$600 per year ($50 per month and rewarded annually)

Monthly Performance Bonus

2% bonus added to base gross revenue pay or $0.04 per mile added to base mileage pay

Monthly Fuel Bonus

$0.50 cents for every $1 saved in fuel if driver exceeds monthly benchmark fuel mileage target. Our average driver earns $100 per month in fuel bonuses, and our top performers earn over $400 per month.